Þrettándinn – The Last Day of Christmas

On January 6, the last day of Christmas is celebrated with a bonfire and fireworks. Þrettándinn can be translated as the thirteenth night after Christmas. It is the day when the last of the 13 Yule Lads heads back to the mountains. It is also believed that this night has a special connection with hidden people. According to myth, it is one of the days when the hidden people and elves make themselves visible to humans.


112 Day

Each year on February 11, the 112 day is held all over Europe to remind people about the emergency number 112 and to teach accident prevention and how to react in cases of such incidents. The fire brigade, rescue squad and ambulance service in Grundarfjörður use this day to raise awareness and invite the public to have a look at the rescue vehicles and the equipment they use.


Sjómannadagurinn – Fisherman’s Day

The Fisherman’s Day is celebrated all around Iceland on the first Sunday of June. This day is dedicated to all those who are involved in the country’s fisheries, particularly those working at sea. All the fishing vessels are docked on this day so that the seamen can spend the day with their families. It is celebrated with different events for the whole family in Grundarfjörður.



17th June

The National Day in Iceland celebrates Icelandic independence and the foundation of the Republic of Iceland on 17 June 1944. It is a national holiday with celebrations in every town.


Á Góðri Stund í Grundarfirði

The annual town festival is celebrated on the last weekend in July. Á góðri stund is usually translated as Good Times in Grundarfjörður, which does the festival justice! The town event offers fun activities for the whole family, ranging from art exhibitions to music concerts. It is a longstanding tradition that locals decorate their streets with a specific color. They also dress up in their street’s color for the entire weekend which brings a vibrant and fun look to the festival.




Réttir – the Annual Sheep Round-Up

Réttir is an important event in September where the sheep farmers round up the sheep from the mountains and valleys with the help of family, friends and anyone else who is interested.



Rökkurdagar is the Cultural Festival in Grundarfjörður which takes place every year in October. During these “dark days”, various events are held in town.

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Adventudagur Kvenfélagsins

Every year in December, the Women’s Association of Grundarfjörður (Kvenfélagið Gleym mér ei), hosts a Christmas bazaar where handcrafts, Christmas decorations, waffles and more are sold. This is held in the Samkomuhús, the town's meeting house. The Christmas tree in the center of town is usually lit on this day. This is a very popular event for the inhabitants of the town.


Ungbarnagjafir – Warm Welcome to the Newborn Babies

In a small community like Grundarfjörður, every individual matters and it has become a tradition for the Mayor of the town to welcome all newborn babies, together with the town council and staff from the health care centre and kindergarten. Since 2006, all new parents are invited with their babies to a little gathering with coffee, cake and a gift for the new residents of the town.



Photos from the town's festival á góðri stund in 2019: