Snæfellsnes Environmental Certification - Earth Check

The Snæfellsnes peninsula covers approximately 1.500 km² and has a population of 4000. The five communities in Snæfellsnes (Grundarfjarðarbær, Helgafellssveit, Stykkishólmsbær, Snæfellsbær as well as Eyja- og Miklaholtshreppur) reached in 2018 the certification status as an EarthCheck community. The EarthCheck certification is an international benchmarking and certification program for sustainable operations and destinations. 

The certification confirms that the Snæfellsnes region is an environmentally conscious community that systematically strives for improvements in environmental issues in the spirit of sustainable work practices. The certification applies to the activities of the municipalities and the public bodies operated by them. 

Snæfellsnes peninsula – a leading destination of the world

The achievement received a great deal of attention, both in Iceland and overseas, as Snæfellsnes is the first community in Europe to be awarded the certification and the fourth in the world.

Earth Check 2020 - Platinum Certification

In 2020, Snæfellsnes Peninsula has been assessed as meeting the Platinum Certification (11 years) requirements of the EarthCheck destination standard. This certification comprises accommodation services,  commercial area, beaches, marinas, conservation areas and national park, diverse wildlife, ecotourism services, cycle path, potable water, and telecommunications.


Umhverfisvottun Snæfellsness

Snæfellsnes An EarthCheck Certified Story - 8 MB 
10 years an EarthCheck Destination - 10 MB


Regular beach cleanups are organized in Snæfellsnes to collect discarded waste from fishing activities and to minimize pollution entering the ocean. Those photos are from a clean-up session in Grundarfjörður in 2019.