Bæringsstofa is a small movie theater in the Saga Centre, named after the photographer from Grundarfjörður, Bæring Cecilsson (1923-2002). An interesting slideshow of his pictures about life in Grundarfjörður through the ages is presented in the cinema. Photographs by Bæring span the time from the formation of the town Grundarfjörður (formerly called Grafarnes ) shortly after 1938 to 2000.

Bæring worked as a news photographer for various newspapers and national television. He is an honorary citizen of Grundarfjörður. His family donated his photos to the town of Grundarfjörður in 2003. They are an important testimony to the daily life in town in the 20th century. In the last years, many of his photos were scanned and displayed on the Grundarfjörður website (Sjöa vikunnar) for the public to enjoy.

The Bæringsstofa cinema is also regularly used for courses and lectures. To rent the facility for events and meetings, please fill out this application form (in Icelandic) or contact the municipal office at grundarfjordur[at]grundarfjordur.is.