Félags- og skólaþjónusta Snæfellinga (FSS) is responsible for the welfare and school services in Grundarfjörður. The agency provides social and child welfare as well as service for people with disabilities. 5 municipalities in Snæfellsnes run FSS and the main office of the agency is located in Hellissandur in the Snæfellsbaer community. It also has branches in the municipal office, in the elementary school and kindergarten in Grundarfjörður.

Address: Klettsbúð 4, 360 Hellissandur, Snæfellsbaer
Phone: 00354 - 430 7800
Email: fssf(hja)fssf.is 

Website: http://fssf.is/

More details about the services FSS offers:

Home Services

Home services are meant for those who live at home but who are unable to look after themselves without assistance due to impaired ability, family circumstances, health or disability. The service may be provided temporarily or long term, depending on circumstances. The applicant's need is assessed individually by FSS.

Financial Assistance

Grundarfjörður provides financial assistance to individuals and families who earn less than the minimum amount determined by the Ministry of Welfare. The assistance is intended as a last resort for people who have exhausted all other avenues, including their right to unemployment benefits or social security payments. Applications for financial assistance must be submitted to FSS.

Disability Services

FSS offers services for the disabled in Grundarfjörður such as home services, support services, and assistance.

Child Protection

The child protection services in Grundarfjörður work under the Child Protection Act which states that all children have the same rights and enjoy equal value in society. All children have the right to a safe and secure environment and to be protected against all forms of exploitation, abuse, harassment, and discrimination.