Iceland is a popular filming location and many international films were already shot on this island. In Grundarfjörður, several films have already been produced. Discover more about Grundarfjörður as an interesting Icelandic film location and learn more about the films and series made in our lovely town in West Iceland.

Fractures / Vitjanir - Newest Series Filmed in Grundarfjörður

Fractures (Vitjanir in Icelandic) is the newest filming project in Grundarfjörður. Between September and November 2020 the filming of this series takes place in town. The 8 episodes drama is produced by the Icelandic film production company Glassriver.  

On the website of the Icelandic Film Centre, the following summary of the series is published: "During a painful divorce, ER-doctor Kristin, moves with her teenage daughter, back in with her parents in a tiny, rural fishing village. The realistic and pragmatic Kristin, soon finds herself far out of her comfort zone while dealing with her psychic mother, forcing her to face the ghosts of her past."

While traveling through Grundarfjörður at the time of the filming, a few interesting changes were visible at some buildings in town. A guesthouse on Hrannarstígur converted into a police station, the health care station close by is called "Heilsugæsla Hólmafjarðar" and a café on Nesvegur has a new logo (photos from October 2020).



Game of Thrones - One of the Most Famous Series Made in Iceland

Game of Thrones is probably the most famous series that was filmed in Grundarfjörður. It is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Kirkjufell, the famous mountain next to Grundarfjörður with the waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss plays a role in season 6 episode 5 which was filmed in 2015. There the Night King was created close to this mountain to protect the Children of the Forest. 

You can also see Kirkjufell in season 7 episode 6, in which the mountain is called Arrowhead Mountain.  In this episode, which was filmed in 2016, Jon Snow and his friends head north of the Wall to fight the White Walkers. 


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Hollywood Movie Shot in Iceland

The Hollywood movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was shot in many locations in Iceland in 2012. Walter, played by Ben Stiller, is a negative assets manager at a photo magazine and an ultimate daydreamer. When the photo negative for the cover of the magazine’s final print issue is missing, his life changes drastically. The movie follows him to many adventures across the world, including Iceland. 

When watching the film please carefully look when the ship from Greenland arrives in Iceland. Before arriving at the harbor it passes the famous mountain Kirkjufell next to Grundarfjörður. 

Also, the scene when Walter gets off the ship and races several sailors to the only bike in town to continue his journey was filmed in Grundarfjörður. Below is a behind the scene video not only from this scene in Grundarfjörður.


 "Der Island-Krimi" - A German Mystery Film Produced in Grundarfjörður

In 2015, a German crime movie consisting of two episodes was filmed in Grundarfjörður. The two episodes (Der Tote im Westfjord / Tod der Elfenfrau) are about a crime novelist from Reykjavik who interferes in criminal proceedings.


Kría, a Road Movie

Kría is a super 8mm road movie about a traveler, driving a Russian van, picking up a teenage girl hitchhiking in the lava fields. This short film, produced in 2011, is written and directed by Dögg Mósesdóttir, the founder of the Northern Wave International Film Festival. Dögg is born and raised in Grundarfjörður.




The story touches an interesting but little known chapter of German / Icelandic history when in 1949 after World War II ads were placed for women in Germany to come to work on Icelandic farms. María the main protagonist of this film is one of these brave women and on her journey to Iceland, she meets and falls in love with an Icelandic seaman. The story is about the new home which is unfamiliar to her, loneliness, painful war memories but also unfulfilled love.


Nonni and Manni

Nonni and Manni is a lovely children's television series produced in 1988. The story about two boys is based on a book written by the popular Icelandic children's author Jón Sveinsson. He is nicknamed "Nonni" and wrote several books inspired by his own experiences of growing up with his brother Ármann, nicknamed "Manni".


Reportage about the Orcas in West Iceland by BBC Earth

An interesting reportage about the orcas around Snaefellsnes was produced by BBC Earth Unplugged in 2018.


Before visiting Grundarfjörður you might be interested to watch those films in order to know "what to look for". But it is also a nice idea to watch a film after you experienced Grundarfjörður and its surroundings and to compare the real look with the appearance in the film.