Grundarfjörður and Paimpol in Brittany in northwest France have strong historical connections. Between 1852 and 1935, French sailors from Paimpol and the surrounding region sailed to Iceland to catch cod.

The connection between the two towns was sealed in a formal friendship and Grundarfjörður has been twinned with the French town Paimpol since 2004.

The GrundaPol Association regularly organizes meetings between the inhabitants of Paimpol and Grundarfjörður. Exchanges take place in various ways such as visits from school pupils, trips of members to each country, art and cultural events.


It is estimated that around 2000 French sailors from the area of Paimpol have drowned in Icelandic waters. In 2006, a monument to commemorate the French sailors who died in Icelandic waters was erected at Grundarkampi, the ancient Grundarfjörður trade site. The stone cross, a gift from Paimpol, was set up at the old location of the church that French sailors set up in the 19th century. This church was demolished when they left the country.


GrundaPol in Iceland
Paimpol in France