The Saga Centre in Grundarfjörður accommodates several interesting exhibits about the town in former times. All exhibitions are free of charge and are open during the opening hours of the library.

Þórðarbúð is a replica of an old shop from the fifties. The shop was a convenience store run by Þórður Pálsson. The display depicts the shop at Christmas time when it turned into a lovely toy store.

There is also an old fishing boat on display. The boat Brana was built in 1913. It is a six-oar rowboat, typical for the Breiðafjörður area, made of oak and pine wood. The boat is surrounded by fishing gear and other utensils for farming.

Available in the Saga Centre is also one of two cannons that were unearthed from the beach at Kirkjufell. They are from a French whaling boat that stranded there in 1720.


Next to the exhibition is also a children’s play area with some “natural toys” such as seashells, horns and leg bones. These items were used as children’s toys in the past.

Apart from these exhibits, the Saga Center also houses a library, an information center, and the Bæringsstofa photo exhibition.

  • The Grundarfjörður Library is located in this building. It offers general library services and also serves as the information center for tourists.
  • The Tourist Information Center provides information about the Snæfellsnes peninsula and other inquiries. It also provides access to a computer and WiFi internet.
  • Bæringsstofa is a small theater that has regular slide show viewings of a photographic collection of life in Grundarfjörður through the ages. The photos are from Bæring Cecilsson (1923 – 2002), an Icelandic photographer and honorary citizen of Grundarfjörður.

Saga Centre Grundarfjörður
Address: Grundargata 35
Phone: 00354 - 438 1881